Hello, and Welcome to Tiny Essays

When I was in my junior year of pursuing a BFA at Ohio University, my playwriting mentor, during a meeting in which we were ostensibly planning my courseload for the following semester, told me he believed people alive today are reading and writing more words than at any other time in history.

This has stuck with me for years, as it seems to be true. Many of us have access to infinite reading material in our pockets, and the writing of emails and texts has so interwoven itself into our professional and social lives that it has become impossible to imagine how we managed to do anything without them.

With this abundance of material has come a shift in the amount of time we can be expected to sit and experience one piece of writing. There is always something else to read, so if a piece doesn’t demand our attention right away, we’ll quickly move onto the next.

I don’t necessarily view this as a bad thing, just a fact. There’s something lovely about demanding the things we read online to be engaging, as we now have access to a truly staggering amount of writing, thus a greater freedom to be judicious with what we read.

This is why I’m launching Tiny Essays, a blog of bite-sized nonfiction. Rather than bemoan the above changes, we hope to embrace them, and become an outlet for smart, well-crafted writing, delivered in small packages. Beginning on May 7th, we will publish new pieces of compelling nonfiction every Tuesday and Thursday.

Are you interested in contributing? Head over to our Submit page and check out our guidelines. (I hear rumor that there’s an honorarium for contributors, if that appeals to you.) You can also follow us on Twitter, where I will be posting updates, and attempting to do this whole “grow the audience” thing.

I am excited and nervous to jump in, and I look forward to reading what you have to say.

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