“Drive” by Scott Neuffer

Bend the clouds w/ your speed. Blown trees. Tires licking asphalt. Zoom, zoom. You’re free. Freer than you’ve been. Drink the blue sky. But don’t forget. Come back. Remember when it wasn’t you driving, when it was your parents behind the wheel? Blue Ford F-250…

You were in the back in the camper shell lying on sleeping bags. No seatbelts. Brothers whispering. Dark pines ragged through the window. Toward Montana. Toward a point when the acceleration settled in a hum. Ensconced, as if floating. You touched the bumpy ceiling, safe. 

Infiniti JX-35, metallic-white. Tires squealing through desert dirt. Yap, yap, kids in the back. Look. See the mountains I found you? This is Nevada warped by speed. Do the peaks free your mind? Hold on. We’re gonna take this corner fast. Do you trust me? 

Scott Neuffer—author of RANGE OF LIGHT (forthcoming) and SCARS OF THE NEW ORDER—is a writer, journalist, poet, and musician who lives in Nevada with his family. His work has appeared in Nevada Magazine, Foreword Reviews, Underground Voices, Construction Literary Magazine, Shelf Awareness, Entropy Magazine, Wilderness House Literary Review, Gone Lawn, and elsewhere. He’s also the founder and editor of the literary journal Trampset. His indie rock music is available on Apple Music and Spotify. Follow him on Twitter @scottneuffer @sneuffermusic @trampset

Photo by Eric Weber.

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