“Remember Me” by Anna O’Connor

I leave footprints in the sand. Memories of fleeting moments spent.

I wonder if the sea remembers me. In its wild and vast expanse. I wonder if the rocks, the shells or even an insignificant pebble remember my step. (Though if they are insignificant, then what am I?)

I wonder if the sun smiles down, remembering the day I walked beneath its warm and blinding rays. Or if the seaweed strung from wooden soldiers ponder on what became of that silent figure ambling past.

The sea breeze calmed my thoughts, replacing solemn heaviness with vacant air. The sound of sea echoed in my skull bringing with it a new sense of silence. People. There were people there. Leaving their footsteps, too. Though none as heavy as mine. None else remembered. They laugh and smile. Families, friends. Picking the prettiest keepsake out of the sand, throwing back the ones not chosen. A thing to remember, remembered by all.

I wonder if the sea remembers me or if the footsteps I leave in the sand will long be forgotten, blown away by that same sea breeze that so much calmed me that day.

I leave footprints in the sand. I am a part of that place now. The sea, the rocks, the shells, the insignificant pebbles. The sun, the wooden soldiers, the soft sea breeze. I am with them forever, remembered by all. I leave footprints in the sand as silent prints of me.

Anna O’Connor is a 17 year old secondary school student from Ireland. She is an aspiring writer, just now finding the courage to share her work. Anna has loved writing from a young age and hopes to study English in college. (@annaocxo on social medias) 

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