“Beauty Beheld” by Ariel Kravitz

“Yeah, unfortunately, you got the Kravitz eyes. I just think you look so much better with a little bit of mascara and eyeliner.”

According to my mother, reimagined and paraphrased on several occasions. Circa my childhood to present day.

“Your eyes are really small…No, no, don’t worry, I think they’re cool!”

According to the first boy I loved, unprompted, shortly after we met. Circa seventh grade.

“Your eyes. I think your eyes are really beautiful.”

According to the last man who graced my bed, after being asked which of my features he found most attractive. Circa three days ago.

Ariel Kravitz lives in Arlington, Virginia, where she writes and works in product management. In her free time, she likes to lounge in her bean bag and attempt the daily crossword. She tweets from @arielkrav.

Photo by Victorien Ameline.